How to avoid Mumbai Escort scams – Beware of these 3 traps?

The web is full of ads published by self-styled escorts and knowing how to avoid Mumbai Escort scams. We can protect you from a series of traps that are becoming more widespread. Every day, in fact, you hear a new one: customers who have been cheated with the Mumbai Escorts. Men who have arranged an appointment and found themselves waiting in vain for the arrival of the young lady. People who paid in advance and Escort agency, not even the shadow.

To protect you from these and other scams, we explain how to recognize Escort Services in Mumbai scams. They are alarm bells to watch out for and as soon as you hear the slightest tinkle, forget about your appointment because you are about to become a victim of a scam. Here you are, then, the 3 most frequent traps to watch out for to avoid Escorts in Mumbai scams.

Mumbai Escort payment with Postpay

One of the most frequent scams of online Escort is that of prepaying with PayPal or Postpay or other credit cards. How does an Mumbai Escort scam like this work? Some fake Escorts lure you through an online ad and ask for an upfront payment with PayPal or a top-up for their Postpay. They usually say that this system uses it because they have been scammed by some customers in the past, but the scam is actually undergoing you.

How to avoid Escorts Service in Mumbai scams like that? Simply avoiding paying an Escort with an online top-up. The payment of an Escort must always take place in advance but during the meeting. You can, therefore, escape from this kind of cheating, making an appointment with a real Call Girl. They meeting her at the agreed place and giving her the money that is due to her at the time of the meeting. Never before, never online.

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Fake Mumbai Escorts asking for friendship on Fb

Another trap to which we ask you to pay close attention is that of the fake Escorts asking for friendship on Fb. In this case, however, the scam is much more serious because it risks even being blackmailed. The blackmail of fake Mumbai Escort on Facebook works like this. They hook you up promising you easy sex, after which they ask you to send your nude photos or worse to have sex on Skype.

Once you have consented, the scam of the fake Mumbai Escorts Services snaps: they ask you for money in exchange for their silence. If you refuse to pay, spread your photos and the video that portrays you while you have virtual sex to your contacts or on YouTube. To avoid Escort scams on Fb we advise you not to grant your social friendship to suspicious profiles. If something stinks you, to download the photo of the exporter and check it with Google Images, to check if it is a fake profile.

Mumbai Escort agencies asking for money for the reservation

The third type of scam of the Mumbai Escorts and false ads is the one put in place by the so-called Escort agencies that do not actually exist. You can get on these fake sites through a search on Google. And once inside you think everything is in order. In reality, these are websites that cheat the customers of the escorts and ask them for agency fees. The scam works like this: you are interested in an Escort. You book a meeting online and you get an email with the request for money for the right to book. Once you have paid the rate to book your Escort, the agency disappears into thin air and you will not get any response to your email for clarification.

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